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Why we do Team building?

After 10 years as a professional speaker I began to ponder the question, “Why do so few of my clients maintain more sustainable levels of motivation years after my talks?” I realised that we had to offer our clients something that would not only motivate their people at the conference but really allow them the opportunity to study critically their behavioural constraints and draft strategies & plans they could apply over the next year to address those issues. Thus was born our Team Building business unit.

Over the past 5-years operating in this space, we have done great work with amazing leaders and their teams. We have collected the skeletons & cancers that rob teams of great performance and have an amazing track-record to prove it. Below are just a few of our most recent success stories.

Team building is no longer about getting your people to shoot paintballs at each other. Team buildings today are about getting your teams to work better and more effectively as a team by putting them through unique simulations, scenarios & challenges that emulate their place of work. These must be specifically deisgned for your team & executed with your strategy as the guiding principle in terms of their direction.

We specialise in Cognitive Experiential team buildings. These are tailored to your requirements and aligned to your business strategy.

At the end of each team building, our team will submit written report to give you a sense of what you need to do going forward to improve your teams’ performance. We have conducted team buildings for large listed organisations & government institutions with great success.

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